Hemposium 2019 – Drug Testing Driver Saliva: Safer Roads or Bigger Brother?

MardiGrass Hemposium 2019 Nimbin Australia 3-5 May 2019


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Anti-Tobacco Advocate Callously Prefers People Smoke, Rather Than Vape

Anti-tobacco organisations across Australia see vaping as a 'gateway' to smoking. On their war path, they inadvertantly support the tobacco industry by heavily regulating the industry that challenges it most - vaping.

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Drank alcohol in the past three months? This test can tell. Imagine if it were used on the roadside.

You’re driving to work on Monday, haven’t had a drink since Friday night and the rest of your weekend was restful. You see the latest Victoria Police roadside testing operation, which now includes a mobile hair-sample testing facility onboard the drug bus. The officer approaches you. “Goodmorning, you have been randomly selected for our roadside […]

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#BeHeardNotHarmed is SSDP Australia's campaign for pill testing, also known as drug checking or drug safety testing, which is the testing of drugs to identify their contents, purity or the presence of harmful or fatal contaminants.

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