• David Caldicott (Calvary Hospital ACT, ACTINOS)
  • Robbie Swan (Australian Sex Party)
  • Melissa Dent (RaveSafe/DanceWize)
  • Kristina Kothrakis (Criminal Law Specialist)
  • Steph Tzanetis (HRVic’s DanceWize, PRISM)
  • Nick Kent (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)
  • Jonathan Carmichael (Entheogenesis Australis)
  • David Limbrick (Liberal Democratic Party)
  • MCs: Ash Blackwell (Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Unharm) &
  • Nick Wallis (Australian Psychedelic Society)

Victoria’s vibrant festival community has grown over the decades into the large, diverse group it is today.

The once secretive gatherings have become the sites of annual pilgrimage, coming-of-age celebrations and family trips. In many ways and for many attendees these festivals have become like a secular church, bringing community together and giving precedence to exploration of the mystery rather than in dictating the answer. Nick and Ash host an hour long panel discussion, delving into the spaces between drug policy, the festival community, progressive ideas and the broader ‘culture wars’.

The panel will be recorded live for 3CR’s Enpsychedelia.

Produced by Nick Wallis with assistance from Ash Blackwell, Enpsychedelia has been broadcast weekly on 3CR for over three years, speaking to a wider variety of experts, activists, advocates and community members on a wide range of drugs issues. Enpsychedelia is unique in Australia, producing content for and from the perspective of people who use drugs without an overarching recovery and rehabilitation narrative.

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