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Harm reduction and drug law reform activism, a counter voice to current drug narratives. Breathing reality into the myths, fabrications and distortions that exist around drugs. News, academia, and culture.

Re-thinking the psychoactive paradigm. Enpsychedelia is a platform for Melbourne’s psychedelic culture and broader drug law reform activist community and focuses on the controversial cross-roads of psychoactive mind-states and society. Breathing reality into the myths, fabrications and distortions that exist around drugs, while also focusing on a harm reduction approach to address adverse health, social and economic consequences of legal and illegal psychoactive drugs.


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The Cyberdelic incubator in Melbourne in conjunction with the Australian Psychedelic Society will bring together artists, activists, academics, and scientists to explore a range of Extended Reality Technologies (XR) including VR/AR/MR and Sensory Augmentation experiences. The event will open with four individual lectures followed by a Panel session and a showcase of Cyberdelics. We will […]

We’re back baby! After a successful launch at Revs in January, a fundraising party at The Night Heron, and numerous dancefloor campaigns at festivals & doofs around the country, we are so pleased to announce that #BeHeardNotHarmed is coming to The Gaso. We’ve been uniting a movement of party-goers and young people harmed by our […]

The APS Sydney presents an afternoon of ethnobotanical delights. We will be gathering in the relaxed artistic comfort of Mothership Studios, in Marrickville to watch the award winning short-film, “The Shaman and The Scientist”. This film follows the perspective of psychedelic psychopharmacologist, Dr Dennis McKenna and curandero, Don Juan Tangoa Paima, as they venture through […]

Be Heard Not Harmed, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia, and SSDP UniMelb – Students for Sensible Drug Policy at University of Melbourne invite you to a free skills and tactics workshop where you will learn how to advocate for progressive drug policy reforms in Victoria. We need the voices of all partygoers to get […]

Come join the Australian Psychedelic Society – Melbourne for an evening of expert talks on LSD, including a look at the past few years of Bicycle Day and psychedelic advocacy in Melbourne. WHAT IS BICYCLE DAY? Bicycle Day celebrates the first day in which LSD was purposefully ingested – April 19th, 1943. On this day, […]

The Melbourne 420 Rally is a celebration of the culture, compassion, creativity and colour of the diverse and beautiful people who, for whatever reason, choose to consume cannabis. The 420 Rally gives the cannabis community an opportunity to demonstrate very clearly to the general public of Victoria that there is nothing to be afraid of, […]

Come join the Australian Psychedelic Society – Sydney for an afternoon of expert talks on LSD and a screening of the film, The Sunshine Makers, as we celebrate “Bicycle Day”. WHAT IS BICYCLE DAY? Bicycle Day celebrates the first day in which LSD was purposefully ingested – April 19th, 1943. On this day, the chemist, […]

#BeHeardNotHarmed is hosting a panel and party at Revs to explore how we can make parties more safe, inclusive and politically engaged. Why? Because every summer, people who want to have a good time die. Last summer at least 5 people lost their lives, simply because they were forbidden from knowing what was in their […]

26th June marks the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Historically, this date has been used by governments to showcase “progress” in drug control in highly punitive terms. The Global Day of Action seeks to reclaim and shift that day’s narrative. Every year, on or around 26th June, an increasing number […]

#BeHeardNotHarmed is hosting a panel and house/disco party at the Gaso to continue exploring how we can make parties more safe, inclusive and politically engaged. Our last party+panel at Revs dived into an exploration of what The Future of the Party could look like. We’re still chewing on those lessons (you can rewatch the panel […]

The Australian Psychedelic Society – Sydney will be hosting a mushroom themed event on June 30th in Marrickville. Speakers DR MARG ROSS Marg is a consultant clinical psychologist and the clinical lead in Australia’s first ever psychedelic clinical trial. The trial will be based at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne and it will investigate the […]

Tickets We’re heading to the hills once again to talk all things mushroom! Winter means mushroom foraging for a growing number of Victorians seeking culinary delights, mycological intrigue or psychedelic venture. But those seeking psychedelic venture have also been the target of authorities for a number of decades. For Western Australians, a small southern regional […]

Welcome all to this event being co-hosted by SSDP UNSW, UNSW NeuroSoc and the Australian Psychedelic Society. This event will consist of a series of short lectures by academics presenting their research on topics related to psychoactive substances. We hope you can join us to hear about the interesting research being presented on substances that […]

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival has been extended by a couple days to accommodate two encore screenings of Dosed Movie at Cinema Nova due to popular demand! Showtimes in Melbourne: July 27th, Saturday, 6:15pm ***SOLD OUT*** July 28th, Sunday, 6:30pm ***SOLD OUT*** July 30th, Tuesday, 9:00pm ***Tickets now on sale*** July 31st, Wednesday, 8:30pm ***SOLD […]

Join ABC radio host, Jon Faine for an all-star, panel discussion about the war on drugs, Melbourne Town Hall, Sept 9. Hear from panellists, Derryn Hinch, Julian Burnside, Fiona Patten, Mick Palmer, Laura Turner, Greg Burns and Antony Loewenstein. More details here. Bestselling author, Antony Loewenstein, will speak about legalising and regulating drugs, the premise of his new book, “Pills, Powder, […]

The Loop Australia team in Victoria are having a special get together for volunteers and friends on Wednesday 2nd October. Attendance free for registered vollies, or a gold coin donation for new friends! Guest speaker SAMUEL ANDREWS from Know Your Stuff NZ and New Zealand Drug Foundation will speak on “New Psychoactives and the NZ […]

Prohibition hasn’t worked. The war on drugs has been an abject failure and the tough of crimes, heavy-handed police tactics pedalled by successive governments is costing lives. Millions of Australians have used illegal drugs and the majority do so with little harm to themselves or others. Yet almost 36,000 people in NSW are convicted each […]

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