The War Between Drugs

Written by on November 21, 2013

This opinion piece comes from Enpsychedelia contributor, Medcanpoet, who writes about the war between drugs – pointing out the ambiguous language utilised in the “War on Drugs” to disguise many OTHER drugs that people commonly ingest.
Opinions expressed in this piece are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of other contributors to Enpsychedelia.


Hi, I’m Dave N. aka Medcanpoet.

We constantly hear the political term “War on Drugs.” ie – “Your government, police, etc. are waging a War on Drugs!”
This is a deception.

The reality is the war between drugs.
ethanol/ethyl alcohol, caffeine/Tri-Methyl-Xanthine, nicotine, pharmaceutical drugs and new synthetic drugs versus THC Cannabis and other drugs arbitrarily deemed illicit.

Let’s break it down.

Who wages this biased drug war?
So-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers.

Who writes our biased drug policy?
So-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers.

Who enforces our biased drug policy?
So-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers.

Who helps fund this biased drug war and drug apartheid discrimination policy?
So-called ‘legal’ drug takers, pushers, dealers, suppliers, traffickers, manufacturers, cartels, lords and empires.

Who works for them?
Our governments, our law enforcement, our (in)justice systems, our media, our charities, our entertainment groups. Our SAY YES and NO TO DRUGS bodies, our health bodies/groups, our sports groups etc.

You name it, The legal drug empires of Australia and overseas have their hooks in it – Our governments are paid by these drug empires to keep their competition illegal and OUR Police are paid well to hunt down and eradicate their competition – Cannabis and other arbitrarily illicit drugs.

Does this sound like a War ON Drugs to you?
It’s a War Between Drugs, their collective backers and their cultures.

The war between drugs made a LOT of crimes legal.

  1. Murder.
    In many countries so-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers are allowed to murder you for not taking THEIR drugs only.  You choose their drugs’ competition – They murder you.  But to legalise it – the legal druggies call it execution or they murder you ‘in the line of duty’.
    P.S.  They also murder beloved family pets on a regular basis.
  2. Rape.
    The true definition of rape is to seize, violate and penetrate.  The war between drugs made it legal for so-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers to seize, violate and penetrate those who choose a different drug to them.  Basically, our governments and their cartel empires run a corporate white glove rape gang that gets paid to swap ‘Serve & Protect’ for ‘SEIZE & VIOLATE!’
    Then they throw us into jails run by so-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers to fight for our lives and be violated.  The abusers get off on it so much that they regularly threaten illicit drug consumers with rape in jail to put them in constant fear and dread for their lives and quality of life.  This brings me to…
  3. Terrorism.
    The true definition of terrorism is to put another in perpetual fear and dread for their lives and/or quality of them.  Usually for political means.
    However, when government and politics become corporate, the political-means become corporate-means… BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
    The war between drugs is an act of global terrorism to eradicate competition and enforce a monopoly; To create a, “Take my drugs only or else” dictatorship; To wage a civil and world war and then profit from that war as much as possible.
  4. War Profiteering.
    The so-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers that wage the war between drugs are war profiteers.  They created the black market, then they helped create the illicit drug collectives, cartels and empires.  They wrote confiscation acts, court cost acts, fines acts, proceeds of crimes acts, etc. in order to ROB ANYONE who chose a different drug to them.
  5. Robbery.
    Pretty self explanatory.  See above statement.
    Put simply, the mob/mafia would be proud of this.
  6. Extortion.
    The entire war between drugs is a MASSIVE government and corporate extortion scheme to divide drugs arbitrarily into licit and illicit categories, then extort every cent they can from both sides.  They also extort ‘favours’ from so-called illicit drug consumers to keep them from being violated by the so-called law.
  7. Home invasion.
    So-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers that wage the war between drugs are legally allowed to invade our homes, terrorise, rob and otherwise violate us at gunpoint – FOR NOT CHOOSING THEIR DRUGS AND THEIR DRUGS ONLY.
  8. Apartheid discrimination.
    So-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers force a collective social segregation and discriminatory drug policy that states, “Our drugs – ALL GOOD.  Your Drugs – ALL BAD.”
  9. Let’s throw a few together…
    The war between drugs legalised harassment, intimidation, oppression, suppression, persecution, slander, vilification, stigmatisation, brutality, hate crimes, war crimes, sadism, torture and other forms of violation.

The war between drugs legalised other forms of segregation, discrimination and persecution. As long as the target takes or deals in arbitrarily illicit drugs, they can be legally violated through the discretionary application of the law, potentially reflecting a hate of colour, culture, origin, beliefs, traditions, clothes/style, etc.
But they keep that hate to themselves.  Officially they’re targeting the scourge/menace/great moral evil called cannabis and other currently illicit drugs.

The ONLY thing that governs drugs of choice are people’s individual criterias of harm, efficacy and safety.  Simple, logical and governed by evidence.
So-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers that wage the war between drugs decided on a MASSIVELY HARMFUL universal tolerance versus no tolerance drug policy instead.  The Great Australian Drug Divide.  Both stupid and dangerous.
And guess what guys?  Australia’s drug bodies and experts – ADF, NDARC, NCPIC, Drug Free Australia, etc. joined in on this and helped DESTROY Australia and its people while doing business and profiteering from the war between drugs.

So-called ‘legal’ drug users, abusers, addicts and pushers that wage the war between drugs forcibly deny those who are actually sick the ability to access medicinal cannabis and force them to take their TOXIC pharmaceutical drugs and treatments or be branded a criminal.  As you can see, those who wage the war between drugs VIOLATE the fair go for ALL on a daily basis.
No matter how much evidence is presented or how many sufferers are helped, legal drug takers in power, like NSW Premier Barry O’Ethanol still dismiss it and diss sufferers who choose cannabis over Barry’s and his drug lords’ toxic drugs.

The above only scratches the surface of the true insanity and global holocaust that is the war between drugs.  Once people see it for what it truly is, then we can expose the war on drugs as a blatant LIE and ALL join together to end the war between drugs once and for ALL.

This has been a Medcanpoet presentation for the Fair Go For ALL.


You can follow Medcanpoet on Twitter and check out his cannabis activist (cannabactivst?) website Indyweedia.

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