Melbourne Mushroom Day 2016 – 920 Coalition & EGA Fundraiser

Written by on September 13, 2016

Animated-920_bLast year as part of the global 920 Coalition events, Melbourne came together to celebrate and discuss psilocybin mushrooms at the Fitzroy Beer Garden.

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This year we’re asking you to find the others. Come out and support your psychedelic community and the important work being done around psilocybin mushrooms. This year’s event will also be a fundraiser for EGA’s 2017 outdoor conference. You can support their fundraiser by coming along on Tuesday and by clicking the link below.


Tuesday September 20th, 6:30pm – 10pm
11A Hope Street, Brunswick
$5 recommended donation

Range of speakers, art, music and literature.

Tim Payne, co-founder of EGA
Martin Williams, President of PRISM
Steph Tzanetis, DanceWize co-ordinator
SSDP Australia
Pixie Collective books


Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) have announced their next outdoor conference for December 2017. The events are particularly expensive to run, and rely heavily on community support. So, in order to start the ball rolling for EGA 2017, we are aiming to raise funds to go towards covering some preliminary organisational costs, ensuring the conference can take place in a format that is both professional and sustainable. The success of this fundraising campaign will enable a more affordable ticketed event for both academics and enthusiasts alike. Your generosity will help ensure that this important discussion surrounding psychedelics and related compounds goes ahead.




This event is part of global mushrooms celebrations, organised by the 920 Coalition, which organizes events on September 20th, focused on research and the role that psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms play in our society and health care system.


For over a decade Entheogenesis Australis has provided a major meeting place for ethnobotanical enthusiasts and specialists in Australia to share information and celebrate community. The aims of the EGA conference are to address the issues relating to drug use from social, cultural and traditional perspectives. Past conference programs have drawn on covered diverse topics including therapy, biology, pharmacology, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, botany, visionary art, culture, politics, law and more, to provide a realistic context of the role drugs and altered states play in the modern world.
Altered states of consciousness have long been a fundamental part of human culture, and as our world becomes increasingly fast-paced, alternative modalities are becoming ever more significant and consciously explored. If you’ve ever asked yourself: “has the ‘war on drugs’ created more problems than it has tried to solve?” or “is MDMA really a more dangerous drug than alcohol?” – then EGA is the place for you.


PRISM was founded in March 2011 as an incorporated Australian non-profit research association and is a government approved tax-exempt charity. Our purpose is to investigate whether psychedelic compounds, while being powerful psychoactive agents that should be approached with enormous respect, are also potential medicines that may be employed to achieve significant positive outcomes in the treatment of a range of diseases for which conventional medicines provide limited relief.
The word ‘psychedelic’ was explicitly included in the name of our organisation in the hope of encouraging more widespread familiarity, removing the mystery of the unknown, addressing the social stigma still attached to psychedelics and ultimately according them value and respect.
PRISM is currently collaborating with the USA based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) with the aim of establishing MDMA-PTSD research in Australia. We are also active in the areas of harm reduction and science based drug law reform.


DanceWize is one of Harm Reduction Victoria’s (HRVic) many outreach programs. DanceWize utilises a peer education model to reduce drug and alcohol related harm at Victorian dance parties, festivals and nightclubs. Our Key Peer Educators [KPEs] attend up to 28 events per year: hosting a chill-out space; discussing safer drug use with peers and disseminating health resources.
The DanceWize goal is to provide our peers with accurate, credible information through face-to-face discussion or through the provision of resources (which always include information about the harms associated with illicit and licit drug use).


We represent a grass roots network of students and allies working towards meaningful drug policy reform grounded in evidence, compassion and human rights.
SSDP Australia recognises that the legacy of our current drug laws are steeped in historical racism and prejudice and the harms of drug use and of prohibition tend to affect already disadvantaged and marginalised groups disproportionately.

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