Anti-Tobacco Advocate Callously Prefers People Smoke, Rather Than Vape

Written by on February 19, 2020

Maurice Swanson is the chief executive of The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH), a WA based organisation whose organisational goals mimic those of anti-smoking organisations across Australia.

Maurice Swanson on Twitter

ACOSH – WA’s 10 point plan to become smoke free

When these anti-smoking organisations refer to ‘smoking’, they absolutely and unequivocally mean vaping too.

ACOSH recommends E-cigarettes be regulated in the same way as combustible tobacco products – until scientific evidence regarding their safety and efficacy is available.

Electronic cigarettes at ACOSH website

Anti-smoking organisations across Australia consistently argue that vaping is the same as smoking, and that it be regulated in the exact same way. Because it is new technology and a completely different kind of product to tobacco for smoking, these regulations affect the markets for vaping products far more than they affect the markets for smoked tobacco.

Though this is a common position among Australian anti-smoking organisations, it is less common internationally. Abstaining from tobacco and nicotine is absolutely the best way to avoid harms from tobacco and nicotine, but it is not always realisitic within the context of actual complex human lives.

Complete cessation of all tobacco and nicotine is always the preferred goal. Where this is not possible, vaping is a form of tobacco harm reduction (THR) which aims to prevent the harm from smoke without necessarily ceasing nicotine.

Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA)
Resources on current health information relating to vaping

For many people, vaping nicotine is a great way to reduce or cease smoking tobacco exactly because it gives them a similar experience, but with less risk.

But, I guess, fuck those people for not using a TGA regulated and approved smoking cessation device or just flat-out quitting, right?

This is the kinda arse-holey attitude that the anti-smoking crowd have toward vaping.
Through their eyes, vaping is just an evil conspiracy by sneaky big tobacco to get kids addicted to an even worse product and maintain their sinister market share.
Through their eyes, every supporter of vaping is just a stooge of sneaky big tobacco and is getting paid to promote vaping, the NEW gateway to smoking.

Through their eyes, the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis has a silver lining, because it will disrupt the supply of electronic products from Shenzhen which make vaporiser products work, forcing vapers to other forms of nicotine, which for many will be smoked tobacco.

The Twitter vape community are thoroughly unimpressed with this public health pundit’s perspective.

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