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On Sunday the 20th of September, around 100 people gathered at The Fitzroy Beer Garden to talk about magic mushrooms. The 920 Coalition helped to spore events around the world, held on the 20th of September to celebrate the psilocybin mushroom, illuminate the current research and highlight their role in society and the health care […]

Melbourne Psychedelic Club Presents: Psilocybin Mushroom Day Watch this video on The Scene. In collaboration with the global 920 Coalition, the Melbourne Psychedelic Club brings you an afternoon of mycological meanderings. Find the others. From 3:30pm, there will be short presentations on Australian psilocybe species, visionary art and the role of healers in the psychedelic […]

Novel Psychoactive Substances or NPS is a term used to refer to any drug that is considered to be new. The term is used inconsistently, with some organisations (including government departments) lumping in less known about older drugs to the NPS category. Harm Reduction Victoria are presenting a seminar on NPS, on Tuesday the 28th […]

New drugs are entering the market at a pace that far exceeds our ability to have good information about a drug and its effects, both short and long term. And prohibition provides the fertile grounds for these drugs to be sold in often misleading ways. This is a situation primed for unintended harms to occur. […]

Freelance journalist and author of Talking Smack: Honest Conversations About Drugs Andrew McMillen joins Enpsychedelia with the question that hounds all taboo. Can you be too honest about your drug use? Get your tickets for the EGA Psychedelic Symposium – Saturday December 6th. Thanks to Signal Loop and Brudaja for the music. In Lak’ech Ala […]

Child of the dance floor, Rak Razam joins Enpsychedelia to give us a brief taste of what he’ll be talking about on Saturday December 6th (not the seventh as I kept saying – Woops!). Get your tickets for the EGA Psychedelic Symposium – Saturday December 6th. Thanks to Signal Loop and Brudaja for the music. […]

The Melbourne premiere of Neurons to Nirvana has finished and what a successful two nights it was! Both nights were sell out events and made all the better by the amazing amount of support from the community who came together to volunteer their support. I’d like to thank the following groups: Psychedelic Research in Science […]

The following letter comes from a contributor who has a rather important story to tell of just how much our stupid draw laws can screw over the majority of drug consumers who are non-problematic and enjoy alternative psychoactives to alcohol.  His story is not an isolated one but his desire to tell it is rare. […]

This opinion piece comes from Enpsychedelia contributor, Medcanpoet, who writes about the war between drugs – pointing out the ambiguous language utilised in the “War on Drugs” to disguise many OTHER drugs that people commonly ingest. Opinions expressed in this piece are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of other contributors […]

Hallucinations are often referenced as an inherently negative symptom of a mental illness. This framing of hallucinations is then used to demonise the hallucinations one may experience while under the influence of certain psychoactive substances, especially those generally referred to as ‘psychedelics’. Regina v McEwen; Regina v Simpson; Regina v Simpson; Regina v Marcovich Matter […]

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