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“This is a safe space….” Honoured as I am, at being asked to write an article for this, the inaugural newsletter of the Australian Psychedelic Society, I had to remind myself of this fact : This is a safe space. This may, on initial reading, sound dramatic; particularly to anyone uninitiated to the history of […]

Together with The Psychedelic Inquirer, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia and PRISM (Psychedelic Research In Science Medicine) we are helping to raise awareness and funds to make psychedelic therapy a legal treatment within Australia and worldwide. [soundcloud][/soundcloud] The Melbourne scientific and psychedelic communities will be brought together to help the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic […]

Rainbow Serpent Festival is Australia’s premier electronic music and alternative lifestyle festival. It’s where around 20,000 Australian and global psychedelic citizens come together to share, laugh, dance and be very, very merry indeed. The following is our totally biased suggestions of two events you should etch into your memory to attend, once the beautiful chaos […]

Enpsychedelia joined 3CR Community Radio on the 5th of July in 2015. Since then, we’ve interviewed dozens of people from Australia and around the world on a wide range of topics, from harm reduction to psychedelic science. We started meeting up after the show most weeks with listeners to discuss the issues and are on […]

On Sunday the 20th of September, around 100 people gathered at The Fitzroy Beer Garden to talk about magic mushrooms. The 920 Coalition helped to spore events around the world, held on the 20th of September to celebrate the psilocybin mushroom, illuminate the current research and highlight their role in society and the health care […]

Melbourne Psychedelic Club Presents: Psilocybin Mushroom Day Watch this video on The Scene. In collaboration with the global 920 Coalition, the Melbourne Psychedelic Club brings you an afternoon of mycological meanderings. Find the others. From 3:30pm, there will be short presentations on Australian psilocybe species, visionary art and the role of healers in the psychedelic […]

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