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The following piece is published as an act of civil disobedience to a Bill before Victorian parliament which seeks to ban the sharing of certain information. The information here in and of itself is nothing new. You can find information like this and far more detailed versions all over the internet, at websites like the […]

Ethan Nadelmann knows how to make an audience feel passionate and unified. That’s the sort of quality you’d expect in the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a nationwide non-profit organisation in the United States, with the following stated vision and mission: In the opening plenary of the 2015 conference, Ethan focused on our […]

In April 2016, the UN General Assembly Special Session meeting on the current drug law treaties which require all member states to pursue prohibition will be looking at alternative options. The last meeting on these UN treaties promised a wide discussion and potential for reform, but ended up with the motto, “A drug free world: […]

I’ve been in the US for one week now. My partner, Kula and six month old daughter, Acacia are both with me and we spent our first week in New York City. I’m here to attend the Drug Policy Alliance’s 2015 International drug law reform conference. I’ll be recording interviews for Enpsychedelia while here, as […]

Saturday 5th of December from 2pm at the State Library of Victoria [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2Dtr08WCFU[/youtube] DrugLawed details how New Zealand got rolled up in the US-led Drug War along with 183 other countries. Over the past 100 years the US has forced its fatally flawed model of drug prohibition on almost every country on earth. Four decades […]

Hi there! Ok, this one is a little personal. So let me introduce myself properly. (SKIP FORWARD IF YOU ALREADY KNOW / TL:DR) My name is Nick Wallis and I produce Enpsychedelia. I used to work in commercial radio and volunteered in community radio long ago. Back in 2012, while studying a Bachelor of Politics, […]

Novel Psychoactive Substances or NPS is a term used to refer to any drug that is considered to be new. The term is used inconsistently, with some organisations (including government departments) lumping in less known about older drugs to the NPS category. Harm Reduction Victoria are presenting a seminar on NPS, on Tuesday the 28th […]

New drugs are entering the market at a pace that far exceeds our ability to have good information about a drug and its effects, both short and long term. And prohibition provides the fertile grounds for these drugs to be sold in often misleading ways. This is a situation primed for unintended harms to occur. […]

The Melbourne premiere of Neurons to Nirvana has finished and what a successful two nights it was! Both nights were sell out events and made all the better by the amazing amount of support from the community who came together to volunteer their support. I’d like to thank the following groups: Psychedelic Research in Science […]

A campaign was launched today in Queensland by the Police called: New Synthetic Drugs:  Real Damage The campaign uses heavy anti-drug rhetoric to build its claims and distort the inconvenient facts about the products and substances they are attacking.

I’m reading a book at the moment entitled ‘Synthetic Panics‘, which goes through the various moral panics that have arisen around drugs since they were first synthesised and used for recreational purposes.  Although we’ve recently heard a lot about ‘synthetic drugs’, the plants and fungi of the known psychoactive world have also turned up in […]

This opinion piece comes from Enpsychedelia contributor, Medcanpoet, who writes about the war between drugs – pointing out the ambiguous language utilised in the “War on Drugs” to disguise many OTHER drugs that people commonly ingest. Opinions expressed in this piece are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of other contributors […]

This article is a reply to: 4 Reasons Why Ending the War on Drugs Would Be A Huge Mistake Recently, PolicyMic contributor James Banks published an article entitled, “4 Reasons Why Ending the War On Drugs Would Be a Huge Mistake.” Banks prefaced his article by claiming that the, “Legalisation crowd’s arguments are based largely […]

Around 80 years ago a campaign was mounted against cannabis, warning of the apparent moral degradation and psychological ills that would befall the consumer of this plant. A scare-campaign film was funded by a Church group and perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the time in its title: Reefer Madness. Much of the fear turned out […]

Back in 2010, the trashy British publication The Sun tried to take on DMT and frame it as, “The new crystal meth.”  When I read the article, which is posted below, I found it so utterly ridiculous that I filed a complaint with both The Sun and the PCCC.  The PCCC is obligated by law […]

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