3CR is a community owned and run station. There are a diverse range of shows available on 3CR. The reason why these voices have a chance to leave their rooms in Fitzroy is because of the donations of our listeners and supporters at Radiothon. Any and every little bit counts toward keeping independent community-based media […]

2:00 pm –  3:00 pm ADVOCACY PANEL (Live Broadcast on 3CR) Speakers Nevena Spirovska (High Alert) Matt Riley (Free Cannabis Community) Dr. Will Tregoning (Unharm) Greg Hordacre (Victoria Street Drug Solutions) Greg Denham (Yarra Drug and Health Forum) Talking about drug policy and exploring the different issues can be fun and interesting but what about […]

This week is 3CR’s annual Radiothon, focusing on the theme ‘Radio For Change‘. The Radiothon is an important fundraiser for 3CR, with the target of $220,000 going toward operating costs to keep the station on the air. 3CR adds an important voice to Melbourne’s media landscape. For over 40 years, 3CR have been broadcasting diverse voices, […]

We have four double passes to give away to Anthony Jeannot’s 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Just Like Buddha. Anthony joined the Enpsychedelia team in the studios at 3CR on Sunday the 9th of April, for a chat about his show and some the tales from his life that inspired them. You can listen to […]

Rainbow Serpent Festival is Australia’s premier electronic music and alternative lifestyle festival. It’s where around 20,000 Australian and global psychedelic citizens come together to share, laugh, dance and be very, very merry indeed. The following is our totally biased suggestions of two events you should etch into your memory to attend, once the beautiful chaos […]

Enpsychedelia joined 3CR Community Radio on the 5th of July in 2015. Since then, we’ve interviewed dozens of people from Australia and around the world on a wide range of topics, from harm reduction to psychedelic science. We started meeting up after the show most weeks with listeners to discuss the issues and are on […]

Saturday 5th of December from 2pm at the State Library of Victoria [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2Dtr08WCFU[/youtube] DrugLawed details how New Zealand got rolled up in the US-led Drug War along with 183 other countries. Over the past 100 years the US has forced its fatally flawed model of drug prohibition on almost every country on earth. Four decades […]

On Sunday the 20th of September, around 100 people gathered at The Fitzroy Beer Garden to talk about magic mushrooms. The 920 Coalition helped to spore events around the world, held on the 20th of September to celebrate the psilocybin mushroom, illuminate the current research and highlight their role in society and the health care […]

Hi there! Ok, this one is a little personal. So let me introduce myself properly. (SKIP FORWARD IF YOU ALREADY KNOW / TL:DR) My name is Nick Wallis and I produce Enpsychedelia. I used to work in commercial radio and volunteered in community radio long ago. Back in 2012, while studying a Bachelor of Politics, […]

Melbourne Psychedelic Club Presents: Psilocybin Mushroom Day Watch this video on The Scene. In collaboration with the global 920 Coalition, the Melbourne Psychedelic Club brings you an afternoon of mycological meanderings. Find the others. From 3:30pm, there will be short presentations on Australian psilocybe species, visionary art and the role of healers in the psychedelic […]

New drugs are entering the market at a pace that far exceeds our ability to have good information about a drug and its effects, both short and long term. And prohibition provides the fertile grounds for these drugs to be sold in often misleading ways. This is a situation primed for unintended harms to occur. […]

Child of the dance floor, Rak Razam joins Enpsychedelia to give us a brief taste of what he’ll be talking about on Saturday December 6th (not the seventh as I kept saying – Woops!). Get your tickets for the EGA Psychedelic Symposium – Saturday December 6th. Thanks to Signal Loop and Brudaja for the music. […]

The Melbourne premiere of Neurons to Nirvana has finished and what a successful two nights it was! Both nights were sell out events and made all the better by the amazing amount of support from the community who came together to volunteer their support. I’d like to thank the following groups: Psychedelic Research in Science […]

This opinion piece comes from Enpsychedelia contributor, Medcanpoet, who writes about the war between drugs – pointing out the ambiguous language utilised in the “War on Drugs” to disguise many OTHER drugs that people commonly ingest. Opinions expressed in this piece are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of other contributors […]

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