Covid-19 and the Future of Festivals with Bo Kitty

April 19, 2020

Nick and Ash discuss recent news during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are seeking any information you might have about drug markets or trends.

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Angus Green – Quarantine Beat #2 [Like That]


Interview with Bo Kitty

Reality Check

Bo Kitty has an enthusiasm for life and entrepreneurialism that is down to earth, potent and inspiri… ng. What I love most about her method is the importance she places on marrying lifestyle and business. Her holistic approach to coaching is also a huge bonus, making her the ideal person for mapping solutions in any field.


We discuss the quick changes that COVID-19 has made to the lives of many who work in a variety of creative, logistics and festival-nomad businesses.

Interview with Gabi from 3CR’s Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass 3CR

Tune in at Midnight on 3CR 855AM tonight to hear an exclusive high power Full-On Psy DJ Mix by our best bud Warp Drive, and then we’ll be sinking into a mix of all the best newest releases in the dark/forest psytrance world from 1am.


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