EP182 – 2018 Wrap

December 30, 2018

Ash Blackwell joins Nick Wallis from the road, on his way to Tanglewood Festival for New Years Eve, to chat about all that has happened in drug policy during 2018.

2018 WRAP UP

We wrap up the year that was by looking back at some of our diverse interviews from 2018.

Hear from:

  • Yarra Drug & Health Forum executive director Greg Denham
  • Fiona Patten MP, Member of the Upper House for the Reason Party. First broadcast on the 3CR Wedneday breakfast program with Judith Peppard
  • Gary Clark from the University of Adelaide talks psychedelics and the mind
  • Dr. Attila Danko, former director of the New Nicotine Alliance talks nicotine vaping and its irrational prohibition in Australia
  • Liam Engel is a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Canberra and talks about where people are currently obtaining their online drug information

The show finishes with author and journalist Jenny Valentish taking reigns of the program and interviewing Nick and Ash


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