EP94 – Underground Pill Testing & Comedy Fest 2017

April 16, 2017

Nick and Ash discuss the week in drug news.


Clancye Milne – The River Song with Paper Flowers


Ash and Nick discuss part one of an anonymous underground pill testing blog, published at the Enpsychedelia website.

I’ve found the festival scene in Australia to be one of the most life enhancing and positive communities in my life. In the dancing, the conversation, the play, the music and of most of all in the community, love and connection. I’ve found inspiration to live authentically and embrace my true self. In this crazy world of beautiful freaks I’ve found the support and compassion to grow and express myself fully. In the intimate space created in this abstract and alternative world, I’ve worked through difficult times and supported others through their journeys.  Sometimes I go for the introspection, sometimes for the knowledge or the intimacy. Other times I just like to get loose and party with my crew. Drugs are sometimes part of enhancing this experience, whether it’s through deepening a sense of intimacy or just shaking some ass. READ MORE…


Kaya Project – One Hundred Lights (Grouch in Dub remix)


Comedians Dominique and Miles join the program to talk about their comedy shows as part of 59 Free Comedy for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival


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