Harm Reduction as Covid-19 Settles in

April 12, 2020

Our first show back after a Covid-19 hiccup / cough.

We’ve been experimenting with ways to keep in contact during isolation. Like many, we have started using Zoom to conduct interviews and have been producing both live and pre-recorded video for our social media channels.

During the Facebook Live chat, we caught up with:

Dr. Stephen Bright

Senior Lecturer in AOD at Edith Cowan University and head of AOD Media Watch


Sione Crawford

Harm Reduction Victoria – Executive Officer


Steph Tzanetis

DanceWize Program Coordinator – Harm Reduction Victoria

You can watch the technical disaster of a live show here, but I recommend just listening to the podcast.


COVID-19 Legal & Policy Restrictions and their Effects on Drug Markets & Use

Talking restrictions and how they effect different areas of drug policy and law.With:Dr. Stephen Bright PRISM: Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine and AOD Media Watch Steph Tzanetis DanceWize a program of Harm Reduction Victoria (Australia)Like everyone at the moment, we've been madly scrambling to try and figure out how to do things in this topsy turvy world.3CR Community Radio has been closed off to all except essential staff, as many other workplaces and community facilities have. Many of 3CR's programmers have found new and innovative ways to produce their content and get it to air.We've missed the past couple of weeks of shows, but have been working on ways to bring you content and get the show on air.

Posted by Enpsychedelia on Saturday, April 4, 2020


The HRVic website has a special section on COVID-19 for people who use drugs.

There are posters downloadable as high quality files at the HRVic website.




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