Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019 – Safe & Sustainable Partying with DanceWize

October 13, 2019

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019

Safe & Sustainable Partying – DanceWize


  • Melissa Dent

  • Steph Tzanetis

  • Nick Kent

  • Linda Cowan

DanceWize (formerly RaveSafe) is celebrating 20 years of being a government-funded, peer-based harm reduction service. With grassroots origins beginning in 1995 as ‘RaveSafe’, we’ll share the story of DanceWize/RaveSafe with you, including the inspiration for the original ‘RaveSafe’ name being from a video made for rave VJs and filled with messages about safe sex and other harm reduction themes.

Our team members, original members and new, come from a wide variety of backgrounds and will share with you some of their work in the event harm reduction space from the 1990s to date. DanceWize uses a peer education model to reduce alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harm at Victorian music events and festivals. Over the past two decades of operation, hundreds of volunteers have attended hundreds of events; providing harm reduction education and care for thousands of Victorians to reduce the risks associated with the music scene.


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