Harm reduction is a broad approach to drug policies, programmes and practices that aim to reduce the harms associated with the use of psychoactive drugs in people unable or unwilling to stop. The defining features are the focus on the prevention of harm, rather than on the prevention of drug use itself, and the focus on people who continue to use drugs.

Peer workers are vital to harm reduction. They bring the wisdom, knowledge and connections needed to prevent and reduce harm in our community.


  • Peter Wearne, Chair of Yarra Drug and Health Forum
  • Assoc. Professor Kate Seear, Law Research Services Monash University
  • Tim Payne (May you rest, good soul), EGA co-founder
  • Sione Crawford, Executive Officer, Harm Reduction Victoria

Today we’re sharing a video of Tim Payne, co-founder of the botanical charity Entheogenesis Australis (EGA). Tim passed away earlier this year after losing a battle with cancer. The video was recorded at the tenth anniversary EGA conference in 2014.

Tim talks openly about his life, travels and growth through a long relationship with entheogens, LSD and MDMA. He discusses consciousness, psychology, neuroscience, martial arts, meditation, drugs, sex, addiction, ageing and the positive outcomes of intentional but sporadic drug use over his life.

Tim will be eternally missed by his friends, family and the EGA crew. Without question, he lived a vibrant and inspirational life that many of us could only hope to achieve. Please enjoy Tim’s talk and share it with any of your friends and family that may have known him. Tim was adored by many for his intellect, engaging enthusiasm, generosity and his dedicated love of nature and the environment. He had a passion for gardening and botany that travelled with him across his life, and around the globe.

Tim’s childhood was spent in the UK, the son of an accomplished engineering father and raised on the family’s rural property in Surrey, immersed in gardening, hunting and the great outdoors. Tim trained in Agronomy, then as a young adult, Tim travelled to Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe) as an English teacher, Goa and then Japan. In Japan – where he studied Aikido and Seitai, bladesmithing, wellness and zero tillage agronomy practices.

In Japan, Tim married and fathered two children, with the family later immigrating to the East Gippsland Region (VIC), and becoming a passionate contributor to the organic sustainability of the lifestyle community they settled within. In support of his children’s academic studies and business opportunities, Tim gradually moved the family into the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, establishing the bladesmithing company Excellent Edges in Ringwood.

It was during this time that Tim was to meet Carl Turney – their lifelong friendship nourishing EGA in its earliest incarnations, as it organically grew from the Educational Botanical Collective, into the Enthnobotanical charity, and also supporting the establishment of PRISM.

Nearly twenty years on, Tim’s love and support of the Australian psychedelic and ethnobotanical community can be well and truly be felt. Tim was passionate about getting Australia on the world’s psychedelic map and travelled to international conferences as an ambassador for our scene. Tim will be eternally missed by his friends, family and the EGA crew, and without question, Tim lived the sort of rich and inspirational life that we could all hope for.



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