The peer and community response to drug issues, from Melbourne to Vancouver

May 10, 2020

Take the Global Drug Survey – COVID19 special edition and help make sense of what’s the same, what’s different and what’s changing.

Global Drug Survey

GDS is an efficient approach to gain content rich data that explores diverse health outcomes associated with the use of drugs and alcohol across the population of your country. GDS can help you add numbers and depth to the findings of more rigorous, though less detailed and smaller, survey findings.


And take the Penington Institute’s short survey on drug use patterns here.

Goosebumpz – Autophagy

Autophagy, by Goosebumpz

Autophagy by Goosebumpz, released 31 October 2019 1. Autophagy 2. Intercostal 3. Deadlock 4. Wide Awake Australian music producer Goosebumpz is back in 2019 with a lush new four track EP titled “Autophagy” courtesy of Merkaba Music.


Interview with Ronnie Grigg (Part 1)

Ronnie is from Vancouver in Canada and joins the program to talk to us about the overdose crisis that has swept Canada over the past five years, and the longer history of advocacy for people sleeping rough, community-based harm reduction initiatives and his newly formed not-for-profit organisation, the Zero Block Society.

Home – Zero Block Society

The ongoing opioid crisis has taken thousands of lives and British Columbia, Canada has been one of the hardest hit regions in the world. Much of the frontline harm reduction work has been community led. But crisis response takes a toll on the worker. Get connected and equipped by those who have been there.


Yarra Drug & Health Forum Online – What works and why – Evalutating peer worker programs

We hear from two of the five speakers at this month’s Yarra Drug & Health Forum. Watch the full forum on YouTube.



  • Danny Jeffcote – ​​​Program Facilitator AOD West cohealth
  • David de Been – Peer Overdose Response Worker – Harm Reduction Team Barwon Health

Done By Law – Policing & protests during COVID-19

Policing & protests during COVID-19

How is Victoria Police enforcing the COVID-19 restrictions so far?


A short segment from 3CR’s Done By Law (Tuesday, 6-6:30pm) is played, talking about the challenges to our civil liberties during the pandemic and subsequent government response.

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