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I’ve just returned home from Rainbow Serpent Festival’s 20th year celebrations. The festival was again a resounding success, though if you weren’t there and have only read the mainstream media coverage, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking differently. Road-side drug testing Police in Victoria have been conducting Road-side Drug Testing (RDT) since 2004. In that […]

This year, Rainbow Serpent Festival celebrates its 20th birthday! Over its life time, RSF has grown from a festival celebrating psychedelic music into a small town, attended by people from Australia and across the world, almost as a pilgrimage to a sub-culture that exists beneath the main-stream. Last year, we helped facilitate and record a […]

“This is a safe space….” Honoured as I am, at being asked to write an article for this, the inaugural newsletter of the Australian Psychedelic Society, I had to remind myself of this fact : This is a safe space. This may, on initial reading, sound dramatic; particularly to anyone uninitiated to the history of […]

On Tuesday 10th of January 2017, Greg Kasarik had his second day in court. He had hoped to push his minor charge of possession of a ‘drug of dependence’ (Victorian legalese for all prohibited drugs in the state) to the Supreme Court, where he intends to challenge the basis of the law. Unfortunately, the presiding Magistrate […]

Drug prohibition is about morality. Not healthcare and not safer communities. The theoretical logic behind prohibiting something goes a little like this: If there is something dangerous to individual or community, then we protect ourselves from that danger. Sometimes that is done by prohibiting the danger, thus restricting the possibility of it ever affecting anyone. […]

On Tuesday the 20th of September, over 150 people from around Melbourne gathered in Brunswick for the global 920 Coalition celebrations. A number of Melbourne artists showcased their work, with thanks to curator Hamish Waters, Little Tengu art gallery and all the artists whose work was displayed on the evening. DJs Eleven and Poncho Poncho […]

Last year as part of the global 920 Coalition events, Melbourne came together to celebrate and discuss psilocybin mushrooms at the Fitzroy Beer Garden. This year we’re asking you to find the others. Come out and support your psychedelic community and the important work being done around psilocybin mushrooms. This year’s event will also be […]

#PsychedelicsBecause Tuesday April 19th is Bicycle Day, a day celebrated by people across the world as the anniversary of the discovery of psychedelic effects from ingesting LSD. Albert Hofmann is the Swiss chemist who discovered the effects in 1943 after noticing interesting effects three days earlier when he accidentally came into contact with the chemical. […]

Together with The Psychedelic Inquirer, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia and PRISM (Psychedelic Research In Science Medicine) we are helping to raise awareness and funds to make psychedelic therapy a legal treatment within Australia and worldwide. [soundcloud][/soundcloud] The Melbourne scientific and psychedelic communities will be brought together to help the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic […]

This is a post on the use of psychoactive substances for any and all purposes, other than scientific and medical uses, which are generally exempt from prohibition legislation. Scientific and medical research is made far more difficult by prohibition. Any use of substances like the psychedelics, cannabis, ketamine and many others for remedial or therapeutic […]

Let’s start with the first paragraph of the link: Of the A$1.5 billion spent annually on drug law enforcement, 70% is attributable to cannabis. – Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm, speaking in parliament in support of the passage of the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill 2016, on February 24, 2016. – FactCheck: does Australia spend $1.5 […]

Federal Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash responded to new figures from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, showing a significant rise in the number of young people taking methamphetamine (ice). The tired old partisan slinging match came up, as Minister Nash pointed the finger of blame at Labor, “Labor refused to renew the […]

Today is the inaugural National Family Drug Support Day, setup to recognise that the problems associated with drug abuse are better dealt with through the health-scope, rather than the cross hairs of law enforcement. Family Drug Support was setup in 1997 as an organisation that provides support for families on issues around drugs. On this […]

Over my time as an adult, I have had many interesting experiences that have made me who I am today. Psychedelic experiences have left an indelible mark on my soul that I hold dear to my identity today. I am not alone. According to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2013, one in three of […]

The War On Drugs has failed to deliver positive outcomes for people who use drugs and for the rest of society. For all the billions of dollars spent trying to prevent drugs from moving around the world, drug use remains common and drugs are widely available. But more than just wasted money, the price of […]

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