Adriana Buccianti

Enpsychedelia admin: Every Sunday from 2pm we discuss a wide variety of drug issues on 3CR. We are passionate about representing the broader story, without condoning or condemning people’s choices. A concerned member of the community has written this article and sent it through, asking for us to publish it anonymously. I’ve found the festival […]

I’ve just returned home from Rainbow Serpent Festival’s 20th year celebrations. The festival was again a resounding success, though if you weren’t there and have only read the mainstream media coverage, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking differently. Road-side drug testing Police in Victoria have been conducting Road-side Drug Testing (RDT) since 2004. In that […]

There has been a flurry of activity in the media on drug testing over the past couple of weeks. The attention has largely been driven by the unfortunate deaths of a couple of Stereosonic punters. These people were at these events to have fun and enjoy the music and instead lost their lives unnecessarily. On […]

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